Re-living The Age Of Steam Trains

Train Passengers and railway enthusiasts were able to re-live the age of steam trains on Saturday morning, when the Tornado passed through Crewkerne station.
The A1 Steam Locomotive, chugged through the main line train station on its journey from London Waterloo to Exeter with the down ‘Devon Belle’. Many spectators were too young to remember steam trains on main line railways and up and down branch lines. For those who recalled the ‘good old days’, had driven, stoked or shunted a steam locomotive, Saturday’s experience stirred happy memories.
The last of the Peppercorn Class A1 Steam Locomotives were dismantled in 1966. Saturday’s glimpse of a once popular form of rail transport was made possible by the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust, who brought the new A1 60163 Tornado, to life at their work sheds in Darlington. Fully equipped for today’s main line railway, the Tornado is available to ‘hop on board’ during the Trust’s 2016 Main Line Tours. Further information at

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