A map of life-saving devices across the town has been published by the Rotary Club of Crewkerne. Crewkerne has 6 defibrillators, placed at various sites, for the public to access in times of medical emergencies. A defibrillator is a device that administers a high energy shock to a person’s heart, when they are in cardiac arrest. David Fradgley, President of the Rotary Club of Crewkerne told Crewkerne Headlines And Topics why it is important to have the public access defibrillators in the town and to tell people where they are located. David suffered a cardiac arrest (heart attack) when attending a steam rally near Taunton last year. He received CPR and shock treatment from an on-site defibrillator, administered by first aiders and St John Ambulance volunteers. David’s life-threatening experience has enabled him to fully understand the importance of having one of these devices, close at hand.

Thanks to the stalwart efforts and joint fundraising by Crewkerne Rotary and the League of Friends of Crewkerne Hospital, the town has 6 public access defibrillators. The first one was unveiled in January at the Crewkerne Sports Centre 1610, adjacent to Wadham Scool. The second device was installed at Crewkerne Fire Station on the Blacknell Lane Industrial Estate. The other 4 defibrillators are situated at West One Surgery in West Street, the Central Store in Park View on Kithill, the Dental Surgery in North Street and at the Cambridge Weight Loss Centre in the George Shopping Centre. Each unit has its volunteer guardian, who carries out a thorough check of the cabinet and its contents, every two weeks.

In cases of a medical emergency/cardiac arrest, following a 999 call to South West Ambulance service, an operator will give the location of the nearest defibrillator and the access code to open it. Verbal instructions will be given by the defibrillator to the user, when the device is switched on. Allowing the user to administer medical assistance, while paramedics are on their way.

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