Crewkerne Town Council has agreed to grant a third of the amount requested by Somerset Farmers Markets, to support the monthly farmers market in Crewkerne. Crewkerne Farmers Market moved to a new temporary site on the terraces of Henhayes Community Centre in January this year. At the time, Joanne Hayers of Somerset Farmers Markets said: “The Henhayes Centre have been fantastic in helping us out on a temporary basis. We are in talks with them about whether the market could have a future on its terrace and surrounds.”

Town councillors were advised in the grant application, that the trustees at the Henhayes Community Centre were asking for rent, which was understood to be around the same figure, as the increased amount demanded by CBRE at the end of December, on behalf of the private owners, for the farmers market to stay in Falkland Square. Councillor Angie Singleton questioned who owned the land where the farmers market is now being held. Councillor Rusty Jackson asked : “What do Henhayes Centre want the rent for?”

Crewkerne Mayor, councillor Robin Pailthorpe, who chaired the town council meeting, said: “I’m not comfortable with it but it is something I do support. I’m not convinced that it is in the central position that it could be in. Looking at things takes time and I think it’s worth having more exploration on this but I’m mindful to support them. Maybe we could award a third of what Somerset Farmers Markets are asking for, so they can carry on.” A proposal put forward by the Mayor, was seconded by councillor Dan Wakeman and carried.

Councillor Robin Pailthorpe will hold further talks with Somerset Farmers Markets about the possibility of moving back to Falkland Square. Councillors also agreed to talk to the retail traders in Falkland Square with reference to Crewkerne Farmers Market and to carry out further research in the town, to explore other central sites that may be more suitable and provide a permanent location. The next Farmers Market in Crewkerne will be on Saturday April 15th from 9 am until 1 pm and will take place outside of the Henhayes Community Centre.

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