Crewkerne AWareness celebrated its 5th Anniversary with a talk on Astrology by Terrie Celeste and finger buffet, complete with a butterfly birthday sponge. The spiritual group which meets on the third Monday of every month in the Unitarian Chapel hall in Hermitage Street, has seen many changes over the years but is still attracting new members and going from strength to strength.

The group was set up by professional complementary therapist Anastasia Collingridge and her husband Graham five years ago, to offer a meeting place where like minded people could get together and network among friends. Guest speakers, all highly professional in their fields of work, have covered a range of spiritual disciplines and complementary therapies.

Guest speaker at the birthday meeting in May was Terrie Celeste, formerly known as Terrie Birch, from Cullompton in Devon. Terrie is a professional astrologer, crystal therapist, Reiki master and NLP practitioner. Her interactive presentation on ‘Life Cycles In Astrology’ demonstrated how the outer planets in our solar system, from Jupiter and Saturn outwards and their quarter, half, three-quarters and full cycles of the zodiac wheel, coincide with major life changes and times of new opportunities in our lives.

Terrie led the group in a short meditation, working with pieces of flint as grounding stones and crystals to allow clarity of thought. She also presented a birth chart for Crewkerne AWareness and a progressed chart, showing how the group has grown and advanced, since its first meeting on Monday May 21st, 2012. Crewkerne AWareness facilitator Anastasia said: “It is thanks to the lovely people who attend our monthly meetings and the wonderful guest speakers, that our group has been so successful. Long may it contiue. We are also very grateful to the Unitarians in Crewkerne for this wonderful venue.”

Next months meeting of Crewkerne AWareness will take place on Monday June 19th from 7 pm until 9.30 pm. Admission costs £2.50 per person which includes light refreshments and everyone is welcome. Guest speaker will be Nicole Dyke from Yeovil who will be giving an interactive presentation on ‘Flower Readings’. For more information, please contact Anastasia on tel: 01460 351019.


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