Dogs posed for the camera at Countrywide when a professional pet photographer visited the North Street store in Crewkerne. Dozens of dog owners took their pets along to the free sitting which offered free entry into a dog portrait competition. Pet specialist at Countrywide Dan Burnard who is an SQP (Special Qualified Person) advising customers on pet foods and over the counter treatments welcomed everyone. Dan said: “Considering the weather hasn’t been good, we’ve had a great response with around 25 dogs and their owners turning up today. We still have over three hours left for the dog photo sessions and people are still coming through the doors, so it’s been a really good response.”

Photographs were taken by Graham Parker from The Dog Photo Shop who demonstrated his camera skills by capturing the cuteness of all the entrants, which included dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments. First prize in the competition is a large mounted photo but owners will have to wait at least six weeks after the competition closed, to find out if their dog has won. Our featured photograph shows one of the tiniest entrants Minnie with her owner Emily Andrews. Minnie is a Jackahuahua, a cross between a Jack Russell and a Chihuahua. Although still a young dog at just over two years of age, Minnie proved a natural in front of the camera and seemed to be enjoying the limelight.

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