A former shoe factory in the town centre yielded interesting finds for TV star Drew Pritchard of Salvage Hunters when he visited Crewkerne. Drew and T were welcomed by Carl Hennessy of Dekorative Kollective in Market Street, who led the Salvage Hunters and their cameraman upstairs to the former shoe factory, where forgotten items and stock from bygone days lay undisturbed. Amongst the finds made by architectural antiques dealer Drew Pritchard from Llandudno in North Wales, were shoe shop steps, workshop steps, an advertisement board for Native American moccasins and a large Dunlop sign with a pair of wellies painted on it. Drew remarked: “It is incredible that this still exists.” The most important and profitable find, which was later sold by Drew to Brendan Chard of Staffordshire, were six vintage steel and neon letters which would have originally been above the shoe shop and spelled CHARDS.

The shop was originally owned by the Chard family, who ran a successful shoe shop and shoe factory at the premises for more than 100 years. Following the closure of Stuart Marsh Shoes in 2012, apart from a Christmas charity shop for Rotary, the building remained empty for three years until local established antiques dealer Carl Hennessy and his son and business partner Dominic Hennessy set up Dekorative Kollective in 2015. The Salvage Hunters series 10 episode 10 in which the Crewkerne shop appeared on the Quest TV channel was aired on Sunday August 6th, with many local viewers commenting afterwards about the shoe factory part of the building: “I didn’t know that was there.”

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