The Rotary Club of Crewkerne’s street collection raised £400, with gift aid and a donation from the club, bringing the total to £600. This has enabled them to buy four water survival boxes which will be sent to the Caribbean islands that bore the brunt of the destructive hurricane Irma. A spokesperson for the Rotary Club of Crewkerne said: “Thanks to the generosity of the local people we have been able to assist in the relief from the devastating hurricane in the Caribbean islands.”

Each Rotary water survival box costs £150.00. It includes a rigid 54 litre plastic container that becomes a receptacle for water when emptied of the survival items, which include a filtration pack containing chlorine tablets, a basic shelter in the form of a tarpaulin sheet and other essential survival items that is enough to supply a family of four and last for some four months plus. Hurricane Irma was a category 5 storm that caused massive destruction and devastation to the Caribbean islands when it made land. Rotary Internationals water survival boxes are sent to disaster areas all over the world to help with sanitation and survival following extreme weather conditions, earthquakes and other destructive forces.

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