The road to the left of Crewkerne Town Hall, closed to traffic since August 2016 on Wednesdays during the weekly market, re-opened on Wednesday morning. Town councillors agreed to re-open the road at Monday evening’s meeting of the full town council, although not everyone was on board. Councillor Angie Singleton said: “A lot of time and negotiation has taken place to close the road in the first place, especially with the bus company and once it’s gone, it’s gone.” Other councillors voiced similar concerns and were worried that if they wanted to re-instate the road closure, in the event that the number of market traders was to significantly increase, they wouldn’t be able to do so.

Following a lengthy debate on the matter with confirmation from South West Coaches that they were on board for the road to re-open, councillors voted on the issue with a proviso that they could review the situation in six months time. A majority vote in favour of the proposal was carried and two abstentions recorded. Deputy town clerk Laura Gowers spoke to the market traders on Wednesday morning when the road re-opened, Laura said: “The traders are very happy that the road is now open.” Sentiments that were echoed by many in the community, although motorists appeared to still be avoiding the road, even though the road closure signs had been removed, and the road which is very busy on the other six days of the week, remained unusually quiet.

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