Businesses and residents in South Street and adjacent roads experienced an electricity power cut on Friday, the same day that residents living in the Wadham area of the town reported disruption to their telephone and internet services. Western Power Distribution engineers were replacing the old wiring system outside of the former Gresham book shop when the electricity supply shorted, causing the power outage.

The shut down of the broadband and telephone services occurred at around 11 am. A fault in the cable network was detected at the Crewkerne telephone exchange near Waitrose stores. Engineers worked all day to fix the problem with normal service resumed by 9.45 pm on Friday evening. The WPD engineers were able to restore the electricity supply to the homes affected the same evening. Businesses reported that they were without electricity from around 1.45 pm on Friday and that it was not back by the time they closed their shops at 5 pm. Temporary traffic lights were set up in South Street as engineers worked on the underground cables from outside of the former book shop and across the road in front of Carousel and James’.

No confirmation has been received that the power cut to electricity supplies and disruption of broadband and telephone services were definitely linked. Although, the underground cables for broadband running in from the Ashlands Road cabinet to the telephone exchange and the underground electricity cables in South Street appear to be in close proximity to each other.

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