Community minded people and dedicated staff in food shops, care agencies, the hospital and other services vital to health and well-being in Crewkerne, worked together during the recent severe weather conditions. As temperatures plummeted to sub zero, heavy snow fell and icy conditions on the roads caused by freezing rain made them treacherous and impassable to all vehicles other than 4x4s, pleas went out on social media for volunteers to help.

Samantha Cornelius-Light said: “I was collected by the Rapid Relief team, a fantastic voluntary organisation, so I could do my shift at Yeovil District Hospital.” Dot Green was full of praise for a Crewkerne Buy Sell & Swap group whose moderators set up a new group ‘Here To Help’, especially to help out where 4×4 drivers could volunteer and people needing lifts could post their requests online. Dot said: “I thought this was a really good idea.”

Rachel Delaney commended the help given by an unknown person in the car park at Crewkerne Hospital. Rachel said: “Lovely chap in a blue tractor cleared the hospital car park on Friday.” Other people across the town did what they could to help, offering to go shopping on foot for essentials and checking on elderly neighbours. Delivery lorries were unable to get through with supplies of food and Waitrose and One Stop ran out of milk and bread. Other stores in Park View and in Severalls Park Avenue experienced the same problems with food stocks. Staff at shops and customers kept residents informed of the stock situation via social media.

A motorist who became stuck on Ashlands Road, understood to have been returning home from work, on Friday morning was helped by two young men who rushed to assist and pushed the vehicle to the side of the road, where it remained parked safely until Saturday morning, when the big thaw started and traffic began slowly moving again. The camaraderie in the town was summed up by Dawn Turnbull who said: “Our staff at Libertas Care have been amazing, ensuring our clients got the vital help they needed. They walked miles in conditions that were dangerous from 6.30 am in the morning until 10 pm at night. They deserve a mention, like so many other lovely caring people of Crewkerne. It was great to see Crewkerne pulling together and all were real life ‘snow angels’.”

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