Two items of jewellery were found in Crewkerne at the weekend after the snow and ice began to melt. A ladies earring was discovered neat Lidl on Saturday and a child’s wrist watch found on Bincombe Hill on Sunday. The silver earring is hallmarked and contains a large dark blue crystal in the centre of the design with small clear coloured crystals around the outside of the earring. The gentleman who found the earring has retained it in his safe keeping until the owner is found. Please contact Crewkerne Headlines And Topics if you or someone you know has lost this earring.

The other item, a purple children’s watch with a velcro strap, was found at the top of the ‘goat path’ leading up onto Bincombe Hill from Brickyard Lane along Westover View by Jane Piercey. Jane said: “It was on top of the snow, so I don’t think it had been there for long.” The watch is now in the safe keeping of Waitrose in Crewkerne, who offered to help find its owner and can be collected from their customer service desk.

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