The chairman and secretary of the League of Friends of Crewkerne Hospital have issued an SOS to the people of the town, to help save the organisation. Ron Bond who has been chairman for more than six years, is having to step down from the post for health reasons. His wife Teresa who has been secretary for the same number of years, is also stepping down. Teresa said: “We don’t want to leave the League in the lurch so will stay on in our present roles until the annual meeting in October.” Unless new people come forward to replace them and serve on the committee, there is a real danger that the League of Friends may not be able to continue. This would be a tragedy for the town and neighbouring villages and the people who have come to rely on the organisation and the great work it does for the community.

The League of Friends of Crewkerne Hospital was formed in 1948. During the past 70 years, it has raised and donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to the hospital and other health related organisations, for equipment and training. The charity has provided an important lifeline in helping hospital patients and other unwell or disabled people in the community. In the last five years, more than £275,000 has been given to projects such as the redevelopment of the hospital’s rehabilitation unit, refurbishing the day room, providing defibrillators in Crewkerne, Merriott and Misterton and equipment such as special mattresses and a mechanical standing aid. A total of 60 donations has been made during these five years.

Ron Bond said: “Because the League of Friends has been such an important organisation and has done such a fantastic job, I don’t think people realise how desperate the situation is. But we literally have only 22 members, 11 of whom serve on the committee. Some of them are in their 80s and although they do their best, understandably they are not as active as they used to be. People are still very supportive financially and for this we are very grateful. This is the time for more people to come forward and provide more active support to the League.”

The League of Friends of Crewkerne Hospital is due to celebrate its 70th anniversary this year. The League has a Flag Day at three sites in the town centre on Saturday May 26th from 9 am to 1 pm, when there will be people willing to have a chat about the organisation. There are purple leaflets at Crewkerne Hospital that include an application form on how to become a member. Ron and Teresa Bond are happy for people to ring them for more information on 01460 75284. Another opportunity for anyone who is interested in joining the League, to find out more about the local organisation, will be at the annual fete in the hospital car park on Saturday July 7th, which will open at 2 pm and run until 4 pm.

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