The results of gardening, handicraft, homecraft and photography skills were exhibited at the Crewkerne Flower Show, where trophies were awarded for the most points in the various classes from 1 to 69. The annual event, organised by Crewkerne Gardening Club who are affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society was held at Henhayes Community Centre. Chairman of Crewkerne Gardening Club Ron Spencer thanked those who attended and everyone who had exhibited in the show. Ron Spencer said: “Thank you to everyone and the committee who worked jolly hard to get the show on the road, especially our club secretary Rosemary Prince who collated all the entries.”

The following trophies were awarded for one year by Ron Spencer to the winners with the most points in the various flower, vegetable, homecraft, handicraft, photography and children’s entry classes: The Millennium Cup to Pat Nicholls in classes 1-5, a Rose Bowl to Michael Vickery in classes 6-22, a Challenge Cup to Michael Vickery in classes 23-44, a Silver Salver Shield to Barbara Hollingworth in classes 45-55, the Day Centre Bowl to Niki Crofts in classes 56-61, a small Cup to Dave Charnick in photography classes 62-65, a small Challenge Cup to Barbara Hollingworth for best horticultural exhibit, the Victor Axe Memorial Trophy to Michael Vickery for a Crewkerne Gardening Club member in classes 6-44, the Phil Lumbard Trophy to Doug Reeve club member and winner of largest class, a Cup to Isabelle York for the child with most points in the show and the RHS Banksian Medal to Michael Vickery for the highest number of points in horticultural classes 6-44.

Crewkerne Gardening Club meet on the second Thursday of each month, excluding August and outings, at 7.30 pm in Henhayes Community Centre. New members are always welcome and visitors can also attend. The club’s next meeting is on September 13th when guest speaker Adam Wallis of the Gold Club will be talking about Low Maintenance Gardening. For more information, please contact the Club Secretary on 01460 74290.

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