A school reunion for former pupils of Crewkerne Secondary Modern School, primarily aimed at those who attended in 1963, takes place at the George Reynolds Centre in October. Although Crewkerne Secondary Modern was only in existence for 13 years from 1959 until 1972, the friendships made there still remain today and organisers are expecting more than 100 former pupils to attend the reunion. Former pupil Terry Sidley said: “Going to Crewkerne Secondary Modern School was a life changing experience. I wouldn’t miss the reunion for the world.”

Mike Back, chairman of the school reunion organising committee said: “This will be the fifth one which we have organised and all the others have been very successful. All the signs from our ticket sales are that this will be just as good.” Mike is grateful for the skills he learned at the Secondary Modern School, which was sited where Maiden Beech Academy is today. His education in subjects such as technical drawing, woodwork and maths provided the foundation for a successful career in the civil engineering and construction industry. Mike fondly remembers the school dinners made by the legendary Mrs Churchill and her team which he said: “Were the best for miles around and probably in Somerset.”

Kevin Thomas made a ‘big splash’ during his time at the school, helping to build the swimming pool and learning to swim in it. Former pupil Lindi Singleton said: “It was exciting to move to the new, modern, light and airy Secondary Modern School in Lyme Road from the old Victorian buildings in North Street. Pupils were brought in by bus from the surrounding villages, so it was an opportunity to make new friends. The most refreshing thing was that many of the teachers were quite young and could connect with us. One of the former teachers John Clark will be at the school reunion.”

70 in 18 takes place on Saturday October 6th at 7.30 pm and includes a buffet, quiz and raffle. Entertainment will be provided by local singer and guitarist Ken Priest, who will play songs from the Sixties. A toast will be proposed by Mike Back. Tickets cost £10 per person and partners are welcome. For more information on the school reunion of the class of 1963 and to book tickets, please contact Lindi Singleton on 01460 30027.


  1. Jim Westcott | May 5, 2021 at 10:07 am |

    Please let me know when you have the next reunion, I might try and make it. I am Jim Westcott and attended from 1st year until part way through 2nd year from 1960 to 62. My Dad owned the ironmongery shop on the corner of Church and Market Streets.
    I remember helping to build the swimming pool as recalled by Kevin Thomas (a friend of mine).
    Also remember Mr Wills who used the 3ft steel rule to punish boys! A terrifying experience!!

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