The demolition of a house at Greenfields offers safer access to a new housing development at North Street Trading Estate than the narrow lane which raised serious concerns on pedestrian safety and vehicular access. The revised planning application by Stonewater Ltd for the demolition of No 4 Greenfields and the erection of 44 dwellings with at least 35% providing affordable homes, also proposes a new school playing field and parking for Ashlands First School.

Neighbours who objected to the original planning application due to the narrowness of the lane off of the busy main road, have welcomed the revised plans, provided the end of the lane near Crewkerne Horticultural is blocked off. Crewkerne Town Council have recommended approval but have asked that construction traffic is timetabled and avoids using the lane. They have suggested that the bottom of the lane be permanently blocked off from the housing development by a wall.

Proprietors of the existing commercial businesses at the site, would prefer to see lockable gates installed as they have expressed concern about the ability of delivery vehicles to turn and to avoid a reverse manoeuvre on the lane. Crewkerne Town Council also commented that they would like to see more use of ham stone in dwellings rather than red brick, to be more in-keeping with the character of the town.

The developer has responded to the council’s requests, stating that as it is an affordable housing scheme they cannot afford to construct the walls using natural stone. They will produce a Traffic Management Plan but have stated that the narrow lane would need to be used during initial stages of the contract, to clear the site of over growth before the demolition of the house at Greenfields and the new access road is constructed.

A list of other conditions imposed by South Somerset District Council when the previous planning application was granted after an appeal by the developer, in June this year, are expected to remain in response to the revised application. These include measures to minimise the risk of flooding within a Flood Zone 2, comprehensive site survey and associated tests for signs of any possible toxic pollution of the land, no building or tree planting within a stipulated number of metres from two public combined sewers and one public foul sewer which cross the site and appropriate action to safeguard the adjacent Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to its ecological interest and importance as a county wildlife site. The revised planning application is pending consideration by SSDC who are expected to make a decision on November 12th, 2018.


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