The school reunion for former pupils of Crewkerne Secondary Modern School was declared the “best one yet.” The event was held at the George Reynolds Centre and attended by 110 former pupils and their partners. Judy Grey who travelled hundreds of miles from her home in central France said: “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It was a chance to meet friends I’d made 50 years ago.” Others made the journey from Kent, East Sussex and Bristol. Chairman of the organising committee Mike Back, who proposed a toast to absent friends, said: “Right up to the day of the reunion, I was getting phone calls from people asking if it was too late to attend. We made sure that we found a place for everyone who wanted to come.”

The school reunion was a celebration of the Secondary Modern School which opened in 1959 for pupils aged 11 to 16 years. Although the school only existed for 13 years, more than 50 years later, it is still remembered with so much affection by its former pupils. For a trip down memory lane, there was a display of old school photos plus a BBC film made in the early sixties about Crewkerne that also featured the school, which was played on a continuous loop. Entertainment was provided by Ken Priest who sang songs from the 1960’s and a buffet was provided by the George Reynolds Centre. Kevin Thomas said: “Although there have been other reunions, there were still people there that I hadn’t seen since my schooldays.”

Many of those who attended the school reunion echoed the view of Allan Phillips who travelled from his home in Rye and asked when the next one would take place. News that will thrill all the schools’ old boys and girls, is that there will be another one, hopefully in five years time. Richard Aucott said: “Thanks to the committee for organising such a super event. People don’t realise how much work is involved behind the scenes.”

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