ABCD are hopeful of getting two of its projects off the ground this year. Members have also come up with an ambitious list of projects and ideas to help residents and businesses to work together to keep Crewkerne a vibrant and attractive place to live in and to visit. Ideas from the Community Plan, compiled after residents were asked for their views on Crewkerne and what improvements they would like to see, include a central bus stop with a shelter, so that passengers don’t have to wait in the rain and an accessible path around Henhayes to enable the elderly and young children to enjoy the Henhayes recreation field.

A lot of the ground work for these projects has been completed and thanks to volunteers, ABCD are “hopeful that once the safety audits and consultations have finished, we will get them off the ground.” Chair of ABCD Trustees Gail Coleshill said: “Crewkerne is a wonderful place to live and work for most people but the Community Plan survey highlighted that quality of life is an issue. For instance, people who do not have their own transport, people with young children and people with a disability. The volunteers of ABCD want to make Crewkerne a better place for everybody.”

A Better Crewkerne & District (ABCD) is a charity run by volunteers. The next meeting of ABCD is on Thursday March 28th at 7 pm in the town hall. All are welcome to attend. For more information, please contact Di Butler via email to


  1. Concerned sports user of henhayes | February 16, 2019 at 6:11 pm |

    Take care not to listen too carefully to this self appointed group. The proposal at henhayes was considered four years ago and major sports bodies and the users of the ground opposed them successfully. Unfortunately as it is the pet project of a town councillor who is also secretary of this group looking for a legacy it has been brought forward again which would mean the end of organised sport at henhayes. This will be vehemently opposed by the sports users of the ground and hopefully rejected- again!

  2. Concerned member of public | March 3, 2019 at 3:53 pm |

    This group is not self appointed. It was set up after a democratic approach to the Town Council.
    The secretary is not a town councillor
    Many people who live in the town want to see Henhayes made available to all the public.
    It belongs to all of us and we should share its use.

  3. Curious Crewkerne Resident | March 19, 2019 at 11:59 am |

    I think that Henhayes should be for all, but the council must consider that there are 3 sports teams using the field, and none of them have enough room now let alone if they grow (which would be a good thing for the town). What do the council plan to do to accommodate the football/cricket and rugby clubs moving forward? and surely creating space for people of all ages to peruse OR spectate their sport of choice is a higher priority than a path that may conflict with the soon to be built new car park on east street in a town that is witnessing unprecedented housing growth?

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