An appeal for the return of the Friends of Crewkerne Stations’ mascot was announced at a Network Rail safety briefing on the unused platform at Crewkerne Railway Station. The Friends metal leaping fox, unveiled at their Early Bird Open Day in April last year, has been removed without permission. Chairman of FOCS, Tony Reese said: “We were very sad to see that the fox which is our emblem had been removed from the railings and will be pleased, if whoever has taken it, could return it. It is very sad that anyone should take the trouble to remove something that has been paid for and installed by hard working volunteers.”

Volunteers from FOCS met Lee Shuttlewood, Franchise and Access Executive from Network Rail on what was originally the down platform at Crewkerne station, before it became single track. The Friends of Crewkerne Station received an update on their safety briefing. Apart from wearing the correct clothing, actions must be taken to make sure that train drivers and track workers know what is happening on the unused platform. Every care must also be taken to ensure that volunteers know the risks of working on the platform, which is not accessible to members of the public.

Chairman of FOCS, Tony Reese signed the new licence on behalf of the Friends and promised to ensure that nobody goes onto the unused platform who has not been briefed by a Network Rail official. Tony said: “Now we can return to watering and caring for the plants and making sure that the surface is kept weed free and as natural as possible.” Anyone who is interested in joining the Friends of Crewkerne Station cam visit the groups website, fill in a membership form at the station’s waiting room or contact Tony Reese on 07967947335 or via email to

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