Crewkerne Town Council is inviting families to have fun with the Matchbox Challenge during the summer holidays. The competition was launched on July 12th and runs until 1 pm on August 19th. Official game bags can be purchased for a £1 each, only one entry per person, from the LIC at the town hall, Crewkerne Museum and the Aqua Centre. The fun competition invites children of all ages, to see how many items they can fit into the game play matchbox. Certain items such as body parts, living or dead creatures, sharp objects or food (unless dried) are not acceptable and only one of each specific item is allowed.

The items in the box must all be listed on the game sheet and the number of total items recorded. There is a bonus round with a total of 40 extra points for the inclusion of items relating to each of these four categories; something green, a piece of history, Jurassic coast and music. Prizes will be awarded to the winners up to 3rd place and everyone is invited to decorate their game play box, remembering to leave it easy for the judges to open.

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