Somerset Waste Partnership began its Slim Food Waste campaign in Crewkerne on Monday morning. Every black wheelie bin, put out for kerbside refuge collection in the town and across the county, is having a yellow sticker put on it, saying “I’m on a no food waste diet, thanks!” Somerset’s largest and biggest food campaign wants all food to be recycled into power for homes and not a scrap, to go to costly wasteful landfill via rubbish bins.

A spokesperson for Somerset Waste Partnership said: “Equally important is the stickers are bright, colourful, durable, fit for purpose and very cost effective when repeatedly reminding thousands of people to help recycle thousands of tonnes of food waste, that should never end up in landfill. Many thanks to Bristol Waste Company for such a great campaign. If you already recycle or compost all food waste, thank you for all your efforts – it does work and it is appreciated.”

The yellow stickers are an invitation to do the right thing now – although a lot more people in Somerset already recycle food waste than the national average. Food that is cooked, fresh or off should be wrapped in newspaper or put in compostable bags in the food waste bin and not in the black wheelie bin. The Slim Food Waste teams are not checking rubbish or recycling but it is understood that residents found putting food waste in the wrong bin in the future, will be warned and repeat offenders are likely to receive a monetary fine.

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