Social distancing, keeping at least 2 metres apart when shopping for essentials, collecting medical prescriptions and carrying out cash transactions in the post office, bank or building society and taking one form of outdoor daily exercise, will save lives, gathering with groups of friends WILL NOT and the responsibility to keep us SAFE during the coronavirus pandemic of Covid-19, applies to all age groups.

Crewkerne Headlines And Topics is saddened to receive reports that some members of the community, mainly groups of teenagers, are treating this serious global health crisis as a joke. A minority of young people are carrying on as normal, meeting up with friends, an incident recently seen near Crewkerne Hospital and at Bincombe Beeches nature reserve, where dog walkers have found broken glass left behind after a party. Members of the community who have spoken to these irresponsible youths, have received verbal abuse!

The stark reality of Covid-19 is that it is an invisible enemy. Symptoms of a dry cough and high temperature do not appear immediately when someone has contracted the virus and is highly contagious. Those adopting the attitude that it won’t effect them if they carry on meeting up in groups, please THINK AGAIN! While younger people may experience milder symptoms and be carriers of the virus – older relatives and those whose immune systems are already repressed, due to long-term health conditions – will fare much worse and many will not survive.

Crewkerne is not alone in having several unconfirmed cases of Covid-19. Public Health England are now releasing a daily update of how many confirmed cases of coronaviruses there are in each local authority, with latest figures showing 21 cases in Somerset (excluding BANES) and rising rapidly each 24 hour period, as more people test positive. SELF-ISOLATION for everyone, except for key workers, helping to save lives in the NHS and working in other vital services – means STAYING AT HOME, NOT MEETING UP WITH FRIENDS!

Our message today – if you are doing the responsible thing but know of others who are not – contact them via the safe means of phone or social media, telling them NOT TO BE SO IRRESPONSIBLE. The Police now have the powers to disperse social gatherings of more than two people, who are not related. You can report incidents that are putting the community at risk by visiting their website click on community issues and report anti-social behaviour. If after action is taken, the problem persists, you can request a community trigger on their web page. Stay safe everyone, we will get through this and we are all in this together.


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