Crewkerne residents who live in ear shot of Market Street are pleading with businesses in the town centre to check their alarm systems, in an effort to locate a faulty alarm which is going on and off at all times of the night and early hours of the morning.

Residents have reported being kept awake or woken up suddenly by the alarm, which is believed to be located either in Market Street or in one of the adjoining shopping precincts. One concerned resident contacted Somerset County Council’s general enquiries but was advised: “You would need to contact the owners of the shop from where the alarm is coming from, this is not something the council would be involved with in any way.”

The Police were also contacted and a more helpful reply was received from the Crewkerne Neighbourhood Team: “Unfortunately it is difficult for us to investigate which building it is when the alarm is not going off. The next time the alarm is sounding, please contact 101 and we will be able to send resources to locate the building and possibly find a key holder.”

In the meantime, residents who are experiencing disturbed sleep patterns, several of whom are working on the front line and many of whom have young families, can only wait until the next time the alarm goes off, for someone to be able to locate the exact building from where it is coming from.

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