Safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists have prompted four Crewkerne residents to send a general letter to groups and organisations in the town. Pat Lunt, Julie Chant, Philip and Janet Harris are considering the formation of a group, with the working title of SPACE for Crewkerne, which stands for Safe Pedestrian And Cycling Environments. The ultimate aim of the group is to make Crewkerne a safe, healthy and accessible place where walking and cycling are safe, practical and attractive options for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities. They would also like to see the streets become easier and safer to navigate for those with disabilities, limited mobility or health conditions, which make travelling a challenge.

The group feels that it is important to have good walking and cycling access to local community destinations, including schools, shops, medical centres, work places, sports facilities and public transport connection points. They believe that streets should be valued as places where people, live, meet and socialise and not just for travelling through, with a minimisation of the negative impact from excessive vehicle traffic, air and noise pollution.

SPACE for Crewkerne is keen to hear from individuals and organisations who support the groups aims in principle. A spokesperson for SPACE said: “The purpose of the letter we have sent out is to see if there is a good level of support for the formation of the group, which could act as a ‘rallying point’ for the local community. Please send a response that reflects your opinions on the proposed group, its aims and let us know if you are able to support us actively by assisting in the collection of data or perhaps writing to the relevant authorities.”

Preliminary meetings have been held between SPACE, members of Crewkerne Town Council and South Somerset District Council. Benefits from an initial action of identifying safer walking routes into and around Crewkerne, which would need appropriate signage, possibly new road markings and physical changes to roads and pavements, could extend to an increase in local spend and tourism. These measures would require the involvement and cooperation of local councils, who SPACE believe are more likely to respond if there is a “good level of support for any proposals.” For more information on SPACE for Crewkerne, email Letters can be sent to SPACE c/o The Heritage Centre, Market Square, Crewkerne TA18 7LP.


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