The driver of a lorry, travelling along Hermitage Street towards West Street at 3.30 pm yesterday afternoon, failed to stop after being involved in a minor collision with a stationary vehicle, which resulted in scratched paintwork to the side of the car and broken glass to its rear light. Having just turned into Hermitage Street, the car driver was waiting in a line of traffic for the lorry to pass, with two cars behind making it impossible to manoeuvre any further “out of the lorry’s path.” The lorry diver is reported to have become impatient and sounded the horn, while continuing to drive along the road and out onto West Street. The woman driver is grateful to the van driver who was behind the lorry, for stopping and enquiring if she needed any assistance. Anyone who witnessed the incident and managed to write down the lorry’s registration number and/or details of its description, is asked to please call 07904236878.

At the September meeting of the Planning & Highways Committee, Crewkerne Town Council discussed problems with traffic along Hermitage Street, which included reports of speeding vehicles, dangerous actions as a number of motorists are still ignoring the one-way system onto West Street and exiting onto Market Street and incidents where pedestrians walking along the pavement have had near misses with wing mirrors from travelling vehicles. The advice from the town council is to report any incidents to the Police by calling 101. This will provide evidence when the town council want changes to the roads to make them safer and if not reported to the Police, “we have no evidence that any road is unsafe.”


  1. Janet Harris | October 4, 2020 at 10:37 am |

    An example of inconsiderate driving through the town again. Many motorists are speeding, taking little notice of speed limits or anything else outside their vehicle. This makes it dangerous for other road users and pedestrians who try to negotiate the pavements using social distancing. AND with the heavy rain, how many of you have had a soaking from passing vehicles driving through overflowing drains!

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