A campaign is underway to save 8 well established lime trees from being felled. Removal of the mature trees on Station Road, estimated to each be around 40 metres in height, have appeared on the latest Landscape Strategy plan L 94.06, drawn up on behalf of developers Taylor Wimpey Exeter, for primary access to the new development from the A356 via the proposed Southern Section of the CLR Scheme.Opponents of this recent disclosure by the developers are extremely concerned that there was no previous mention of the trees being felled and replaced with new ones, in the outline planning application, 14/02141/OUT, approved by South Somerset District Council in March 2017. The lime trees on Station Road have Tree Protection Orders and those opposing their removal claim that the developers have stated that although the trees are not obstructing the development or its link road, ‘they are likely to be damaged and not survive.’

Questions are being asked why the developers waited until November this year to mention the necessity of the removal of the trees, a proposal which was only apparent to someone closely inspecting all the planned drawings of the layout, scale, appearance and landscaping in the Reserved Matters planning application, 20/00149/REM of the Southern Phase of Crewkerne Key Site, following outline approval and amended under 19/03483/S73 for up to 110 residential dwellings, a 60 bed care home and two business units.

Crewkerne Town Council approved the Reserved Matters planning application at their November meeting, raising concerns about the close proximity of the residential properties to the existing industrial area. They have recommended to SSDC that ‘it would be beneficial to re-route the roads on the site, to increase the distance between the residential dwellings and the industrial areas.’ The town council also suggested that ‘alternatively, increased sound barriers would be beneficial.’

Councillors appeared to be unaware at their meeting on November 30th of the developer’s plans to remove the well established lime trees but now that it has been brought to their attention, the matter has been listed as an agenda item, for the next meeting of the Planning & Highways committee at 6.45 pm on Monday December 14th when councillors will further consider the Reserved Matters application and in particular, the proposed removal of 8 mature lime trees bordering Station Road. Our featured photo was taken by Tim O’Fee.


  1. Presumably several hundred new people will be residing in the houses provided by this development.
    Where are the jobs that they will expect to find?
    Where are the already overloaded Medical and Dental facilities for these people?
    Can the schools cope?

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