The crib was installed on the plinth at Crewkerne Town Hall on Saturday morning at 8 am by Philip and Michael Hardwill from PH Hardwill, assisted by Councillor Mike Best, who secured the cables and switched on the crib’s lights from the upstairs window in Victoria Hall.

Previous news that the crib was unable to make an appearance this year, resulted in sadness from the local community but a quick response from several members of Crewkerne Business Group led to Philip Hardwill offering the company’s help and liaising with Rob Cottle and deputy town clerk Laura Gowers, to make the installation possible. The crib was loaded onto the trailer by Rob Cottle, Paul Head and council grounds staff Jason and Lewis earlier in the week.

Crewkerne Town Council said: “The Council were unable to hire a cherry picker to allow installation of the crib. The Town Council would like to say thank you to some special people, who made it possible to put the crib on the Town Hall over the weekend. Ana Collingridge from Crewkerne Headlines and Topics highlighted the dilemma to the Crewkerne Business Group. Leighton Ballantine from the Crewkerne Business Group sent a plea to all members to see if a cherry picker could be found and Philip Hardwill from Hardwill Structural Engineers came forward with a cherry picker and a telehandler to allow the crib to go up. Thanks must also go to Cllr. Mike Best who directed operations on Saturday morning.” The successful outcome shows that networking works and when people pull together, great results can happen.

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