Crewkerne District Rotary are calling for more volunteer marshals, to help with car park duties and meeting and greeting people who are attending the Covid vaccination hubs in Crewkerne. The club is compiling a database of people willing to volunteer and as the date and venue for each hub is announced, a blank rota enabling volunteers to select a time that is suitable, will be sent to them by email. Four people are needed to cover each shift, which usually lasts for a maximum of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

A spokesperson for Crewkerne District Rotary said: “During the last two vaccination hubs at Henhayes Centre, we were made aware of all the protocols in place to keep us safe, during our shifts. Surgical grade masks were provided, as was hand sanitiser and clinical antiseptic wipes. At no time were we allowed into the building while the vaccinations were in progress. Social distancing was adhered to at all times and a full briefing was given at the start of each shift. If we had a phone, capable of downloading Track and Trace, we were requested to download the app. In fact, we felt safer than we would visiting a supermarket. The NHS are obviously eager to keep us safe and not add to their already over burdened workload.”

President of Crewkerne District Rotary, Sandra Shore, was recently filmed helping outside of Henhayes Centre while vaccinations were taking place. The video was released on social media and is available to view on Crewkerne Headlines And Topics, community page. Sandra Shore said: “We’ve been helping at the vaccination hub in Crewkerne, ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible. As the vaccination roll-out increases our help will continue to be required and if you are able to help in any way, please email me, The sooner we can help the NHS complete this mammoth task, the sooner we may be able to get back to a normal life.”

The personal details of anyone volunteering will not be released to any other party, without the person’s prior consent, to comply with Data Protection. Senior aged Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Crewkerne have also been assisting as marshals at the Henhayes vaccination hub. If you are fit and well, with time on your hands to spare, possibly due to being furloughed, please help with this important and vital community service.

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