SPACE for Crewkerne are inviting people to join a litter picking group, that will be ready for action when lockdown ends and restrictions are lifted. The proposal was presented to Crewkerne Town Council at last month’s online meeting of the Amenities Committee, when it received full backing from councillors. Councillor Mike Best said: “For those that have been on the council for a while, you may remember that we had a thing called the Trash Bash, where a group had already been put together. There are tabbards somewhere in the council chambers with Crewkerne Town Council Trash Bash on the back of them and because of the tying into the council, there will also be a set of regulations and other bits and pieces.”

Councillor Robin Pailthorpe advised councillors that last time SSDC had supplied a black wheelie bin which contained litter picking equipment, that was dropped off in the town on a Monday and collected the following day. The Trash Bash group also had to have a councillor on the litter picking group when they were out and about for insurance purposes.

In correspondence received from a member of Space 4 Crewkerne, the letter stated that a litter picking group would ‘not only help give people a sense of pride in the town but also might help deter some of the dog fouling, as paths would be cleaner, so people might be more considerate and it would certainly tie in well with the aims of Space 4 Crewkerne if we made some of the public footpaths closer to the town centre moving out to the estates tidier and more pleasant to use.’

Although the litter picking scheme cannot start yet due to the current restrictions, Crewkerne Town Council are using the interim period to check what equipment it still holds at the town hall and to liaise with SSDC and Space 4 Crewkerne. Anyone who would like to join the litter picking group in Crewkerne, is asked to please email for more information.

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