Friends of Crewkerne Station have been allowed back on the platforms to tend to flower planters and tidy up the banks. Covid-19 restrictions have been eased by South Western Railway and Network Rail, in line with recent Government guidance. The volunteers are once again able to carry out their gardening duties, provided they wear a facial covering and there are no more than two people working together at any one time. They have been busy cutting back the overgrowth to make the primroses on the disused platform bank more visible.

FOCS Secretary Gail Coleshill said: “The bank was not strimmed last winter and when the grass is allowed to die and not raked off, brambles take over and wildflowers struggle to break through. The car park bank was strimmed by SWR contractors last autumn and the spring bulbs have now flowered and look lovely.”

Friends of Crewkerne Station support South Western Railway in maintaining the appearance of the station, monitor the state of the environment within the immediate area and advise on improvements that are needed. They also act as a campaigning group to improve facilities and services at the railway station and work with Blackmore Vale Community Rail Partnership (BVCRP) and the Salisbury to Exeter Rail User Group (SERUG). New members and volunteers are always welcome by the Friends of Crewkerne Station. For more information on FOCS, please visit

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