Barn Street Recreation Ground provided the ideal open air setting for an impromptu session by local musicians last week. The informal gathering was also enjoyed by those who were out walking in the area, with one resident commenting: “It was a real treat to listen to live music from a small informal group of musicians who played lovely tunes on the recreation field. Thank you to everyone concerned.”

The recreational ground has been an invaluable resource during lockdown, with residents enjoying walks on the green open space by day and watching the stars at night, from a less light polluted area of the town. On Saturday, it was used by a small group of local residents celebrating World Wide Knitting In Public Day, who said: “We knitted to our hearts content for a couple of hours and it was great fun.”

On a more serious note, Barn Street Recreation Ground is also a designated landing area for the air ambulance, which was seen landing and taking off from the field last month, in response to an emergency call from Crewkerne Health Centre. Another reason why local people really appreciate having the green open space on their doorstep.

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